Millbrook Parish


Millbrook is the largest village in Cornwall

The village of Millbrook (meaning Mill Stream) is a thriving community situated in the south east of Cornwall, on the beautiful Rame Peninsula, an area noted for its outstanding natural beauty.

The village is home to nearly 1000 households and a population of 2200 people.  It is also the largest village in Cornwall and the second largest in the country.

A bit of village history

There has been a settlement in Millbrook since the Stone Age.

In the 17th century, the village was home to a large fishing fleet.  But its proximity the growing Royal Dockyard and the port of Plymouth just across the Tamar, led to the decline of fishing and the industrial development of brickyards and gunpowder manufacturing.

Today …

Millbrook creek is home to vibrant marinas and Millbrook yacht builders are recognised internationally.

Millbrook has a strong community spirit and sense of tradition which celebrates its history.

A host of clubs, organisations and activities, for all ages, are available throughout the year.

More information is available on the Millbrook Parish web site.

Millbrook Parish Council decided that a Neighbourhood Development Plan was the best way to protect against over-development

The first step was to apply to Cornwall Council for authority to develop a NDP.

011 012

The documents below provide details of Millbrook Village Plan consultation;

Millbrook Village Plan 2004




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