Antony Parish Event: 25/01/2014


This was held on Saturday 25th January 2014 from 10am to 1pm

Although the display was quite well attended by Councillors and parishioners, few actually completed the questionnaires; however there were many comments on the maps.


Total of 45 attended broken down into the following age ranges:

11 – 20 =   0
21 – 40 =   1
41 – 60 = 17
61+       = 26


Limited land designated in Antony Village, but none in Wilcove.

The map indicated the designated land in Antony.

Open Market



Wilcove – 4

  • Antony acceptance of some development, but there were concerns about parking in both villages.
  • Antony – would they be connected to the gas main?
  • Strong objection to the development of the field by Tregelly House


Sheltered housing in Wilcove no longer for elderly – a trend heartily disliked in village.




  • Wilcove, A374 bus stop (6), also bus into village once or twice a week.
  • Passing place on Pengelly Hill (3).
  • Antony – Public transport for children to school.


  • Wilcove extend permission footpath to River Lynther.
  • Maintain and improve plays in Wilcove and Antony.
  • A new Village Hall for Antony.
  • Maintain all agricultural land around villages i.e. no green field building.
  • Any camping sites – adjacent to coastal road.


  • Supermarket in Torpoint -Already one so no more needed, especially adjacent to the A374 – too close to school and very poor access.
  • Trevol Business Park would be suitable for a cut price supermarket – nowhere else.
  • Concern was raised about losing the heritage of rural villages and caring communities, with their hedgerows and wildlife and agriculture.
  • The present infrastructure could not cope with extra housing.
  • Also an extension of the cemetery in Antony.

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