Millbrook Consultation: Public

The Millbrook Neighbourhood Plan Awareness Meeting for the Public was held on Saturday 25th January 2014 in Millbrook Scout Hall

This consultation was open to all parishioners (events targeting local landowners and businesses had already been completed).

Posters were put up around the village inviting people to attend.  The event was also publicised on the NDP Facebook page and flyers were distributed at the Lake completion opening ceremony.

Approximately 70 people turned up for the event, although not all signed in (66).  Of those 66, 29 were male and 37 were female.

Initials Male Female <16 16-21 22-40 41-65 65>  No response
68 29 37 2 0 1 49 12 4


Maps were covered in cellophane and attendees were asked to make comments on post it notes and use marker pens to identify locations, these maps have been photographed as records.  Some can be viewed further down this page.

The event was held as a “drop-in” session. Councillors were on hand to hold discussions with attendees whilst encouraging them to mark up ideas on the maps.

We had some feedback from parishioners who were unable to attend and who asked if they could fill in questionnaires, both electronically and on paper.

Here are the results:



  • There was overwhelming opinion to have no further housing at Southdown, St John’s Road/ Close, Blindwell Hill and Millpool Head.
  • The only places identified as being appropriate for housing were Hounster Hill and adjacent to Manor Lodge, opposite Millbrook graveyard.
  • It was felt that Millbrook was in danger of losing its village “feel” should there be any more building.
  • There is a need for one/ two bedroom properties specifically suitable for elderly/ young people thus enabling larger houses to be freed up for families.
  • It was felt that the infrastructure of the village and the peninsula as a whole is unable to support more development. There are already terrible problems with traffic throughout the peninsula. The doctors’ surgery and schools are very full.
  • Too much development has caused more flooding in the area.
  • Any further development should be in keeping with the style of the village. Also should provide off road parking as there is a major parking problem in the village.

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 25 January 2014 016



  • Overwhelming need for better rail links at St Germans/ Liskeard and regular public transport links from Millbrook to get to St Germans/ Liskeard stations.
  • There is a general need for better/ more direct bus links to Plymouth and Torpoint.
  • There is wide agreement for a one way system for HGV/ heavy traffic round Military Road provided that the road is capable of supporting more heavy traffic. Large vehicles should have size restrictions to fit the road infrastructure.
  • Roads in Millbrook/ on the peninsula are overcrowded and unsuitable for any increase in traffic.
  • Ferry/ water links could be expanded over to Plymouth.
  • There is wide support for the Cremyll ferry and recognition of how vital it is. A later winter service would be better.
  • Ensure that public rights of way are not seized by private landowners.

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 25 January 2014 018

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 25 January 2014 032


Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 25 January 2014 034



  • There were suggestions for a youth hostel and more camping facilities at Maker Heights.
  • More cycle paths around the Rame peninsula to encourage tourism and local recreation.
  • There is a need for community growing spaces/ allotments to encourage self suffiency and healthy eating. Could there be communal composting/ recycling?
  • A village in bloom competition would be welcomed. Also bird watching huts around the lake.

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 25 January 2014 024

Renewable Energy


  • Opinion was divided about wind turbines and solar farms.
  • It was felt that every new build should have solar panels.
  • The most popular option for renewable energy was tidal/ water energy.
  • Sites identified for renewable energy were Southdown, Maker, Mendennick and along the cliffs.
  • There should be more free short term parking/ cheap rents for empty shops.
  • There is a need for smaller industrial/ workshop/ live and work space units.
  • Areas suitable for commercial development were identified as Southdown, the Old Mill and Hounster Hill.
  • There was generally felt to be no need for a large supermarket on the Peninsula, although a couple thought that one on at Trerulefoot would be acceptable.
  • More provision and facilities should be available for OAPs in the village.
  • If possible, make more of the tourism sector to bring visitors (i.e. money to the village).

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 25 January 2014 020

Results from comments on maps as follows:

General Comments

  • Re building on Greenfield: Neither are we growing houses for the people who really need them
  • Re building on Greenfield: How do we make our local electorate aware of the seriousness of this?
  • With increased population/ housing on peninsula, will there be plans to improve access via B3247 and through Crafthole. Also as enter/ exit Millbrook
  • Build houses in Torpoint not Millbrook
  • Will new housing be automatically tied to better infrastructure especially ???? and schools
  • I thought that Greenfield sites are supposed to be protected. What about routes in and out of the village when all proposed developments go ahead
  • If they can’t keep the village maintained and tidy with the current residents would there be more facilities put in place
  • Do they plan? Or pick the cheapest option regardless of the future
  • Plant swathes of trees on the high ground above the village. Tree roots take water down into their roots and hopefully not run off and cause flooding in the village below where so much of the land has been waterproofed as housing and infrastructure needs arise.
  • 6 agreed with above comment
  • Imperative keep B3247 undeveloped otherwise will open up development options in the village
  • Better publicity and information needed on a regular basis-cluster wide magazine and Facebook? Door to door once a year?
  • Grants to support Maker development
  • I would prefer to see houses built round the periphery of the village rather than infills in all the green spots
  • Use a big banner to publicise – in the Tanyard
  • I do not have confidence that Cornwall Council is applying a realistic formula to show impact on school places
  • If the village grows any more there will be more traffic trying to use our one road in and out of Millbrook. It’s already a nightmare at holiday times
  • Additional parking required at top of Blindwell Hill
  • If the village grows it should have town status with the extra funding that comes with it
  • Can 14th Century Insworke chapel get restored?
  • I agree, is it listed?

Renewable Energy

General comments re renewables:

  • Carbon emissions continue to rise. We need low carbon alternatives; which means Renewable energy here. But we should also benefit from a reasonable share of the profits
  • I thought this was supposed to be an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?
  • 14% of the UK’s electricity was generated by wind one night last week.  I wonder how many people who used that power would have a turbine near them. Power isn’t a given, we will run out of fossil fuels. Say no to NIMBYs or turn their power off.
  • 2 people agreed with the above statement
  • I’d be happy to see more renewable energies in/ around the village. We’re missing a trick here, we could be self-sufficient and making money for the community
  • I would be happy to see ALL forms of renewable energy increased in Millbrook, our country is presently dependent on imported energy from hostile or volatile countries, Government puts faith in fracking but this may turn out to be disastrously contaminating water supplies
  • Agree with above comment I’d be happy to see more wind turbines (small/ medium) and solar panels on roofs and some fields. Aim to be self-sufficient in energy in the Rame Peninsula – better option than more nuclear or ??????? power stations


  • Solar farms OK.
  • All new houses/ buildings should have solar panels
  • Solar Park will get the go ahead due to a “deal” being done. If a new house is built it must have panels
  • Any new housing should be eco-friendly incorporating solar panels
  • No objection to solar park.
  • Solar farm off Military Road, the very poor fields (good access from WWII ) not visible from anywhere.
  • I agree to above comment
  • Solar farm in quarry or wind farm?
  • Solar farm yes! It’s by the existing factory
  • Solar farm, I am no NIMBY! Think planet devastation becoming more obvious and a priority.
  • Can solar panels be green in colour?
  • Solar farms are an ugly blot on the landscape
  • Don’t agree with above comment, they are hardly visible
  • No to any solar farm, just as bad as turbines
  • No to the blight of a solar farm. Solar farms are not there for eco purposes-they are there to make money
  • Solar farm? No!
  • Solar farms do not generate enough money year round. All they really achieve is an income for the landowner, blight the landscape.
  • Having witnessed solar parks being built, it causes havoc in local vicinity, crime goes up, transport and roads cannot cope
  • Great care needs to be taken with applications for solar farms
  • Yes there is an objection to a solar park!
  • If St John parish wants a solar farm, put it in St John village – don’t suppose they would want one then!!
    Wind Turbines
  • Prefer wind turbine to ugly solar farm
  • Wind turbines can be elegant. Remember many people opposed railways in the 19th Century. Fear of the new?
  • Wind turbines would be ideal – Agreed!
  • Wind turbines will ruin our lovely area
  • Disagree with above comment, they are quite elegant
  • No wind turbines, please. I am not convinced by their viability particularly on small scale. They look awful. Wind turbines would be ideal – For whom? Certainly not us!
  • No wind turbines please!

Tidal/ Water power


  • Would be good to use tidal barrages for generation. Around Cremyll/ Empacombe area.
  • Very fast tidal rate off Cremyll and especially the old oil tank area – already “industrial”
  • Tidal power is the best answer for the Cornish coast. Good idea
  • How about a water driven turbine on the dam?
  • Also any tidal power options
  • Tidal power please
  • Maybe you could form links with the university to assess the impacts/ benefits of embracing tidal power as this is a daily…CANT READ POST IT
  • No wind turbines. Tidal power the best idea


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