St John Consultation 23rd January 2014

Notes on Consultation from 23rd January 2014

St John Village Hall, 2 – 6pm & 7.30 to 9pm 

Invitations were delivered by hand to all residents in the parish.  Invitiatins were also forarded to farmers and landowners. 

Approximately 60 people turned up for the event, although not all signed in (54)

Maps were covered in cellophane and used to obtain comments from attendees, these maps have been photographed as records.

The event was held as a “drop-in” session during the afternoon, and in the evening a formal presentation was given followed by a public discussion Councilors then held discussions with attendees whilst encouraging them to mark up ideas on the maps. The presentation included

• Results of 2012 Questionnaire delivered to and collected from all residents.
• Cornwall’s Housing Needs Survey 2013
• Homechoice Statistics 2013


There was negative reaction to the loss of the Caradon Local Plan Development Limits, and it was overwhelmingly agreed that the areas around the village were valuable green spaces, which must be protected within the St John section of the NDP.

There was some discussion around the suggestion of several sites of one, or possibly two houses, outside the current development limit. This would increase the potential infilling, although it would be necessary to comply with the requirements relating to maintenance of the Conservation Area designation. There was strong agreement that traditional building styles be maintained in the Conservation area.

It was understood that sites of more than one new property or over 0.1 hectares would need to provide at least 50% affordable housing.

Public reaction to the Cornwall County’s Housing Needs Survey was that affordable housing needs were minimal (nil result in St John Village).

Several landowners operating farms in the parish were requesting to be allowed to build one or two additional dwellings adjacent to their farms.  It was suggested that the option of building one or two dwellings for letting to local people would be advantageous to both farmers and locals, and that these could be prevented from being sold on the open market. They could be sold only as a part of the farm business.

There were no specific requests for sheltered housing.

There was no objection to the proposal for some housing development of say four or five chalet style dwellings in Antony Estates land adjacent to Freathy Farm.

Likely housing potential: –

St John Village infill within extended development limit.                          4
Outlying Farm dwellings                                                                               4
Freathy Farm                                                                                                  4
Total                                                                                                              12

Before final potential development can be ascertained further consultations will be needed with some key landowners in relation to development on farms. Residents of St John will need to be further consulted on any proposals to develop around St John village. Several parishioners volunteered to join a working group to discuss this potential.


Main issue was the amount of traffic coming through St John as a result of more housing developments on the Peninsula.  Improved signage would be at least required.

There was one suggestion that the ford be closed to traffic on account of the rubbish thrown from cars and disturbance to wildlife in this SSSI.

No new bus routes were suggested, neither were park and ride, nor new water links.


There was general support for the proposed new footpaths and some interesting conversations with farmers on the likely future of these permissive paths.

There were suggestions for a youth hostel and camping facilities at Maker heights.

Renewable Energy

There was general acceptance of Antony Estate’s proposed Solar Park and all welcomed the proposed adjacent permissive right of way for walkers.

Tidal energy projects were suggested for Millbrook Lake and St John’s Lake, and one Waste to Energy scheme at Cremyl.

Industrial Wind Turbines were not at all popular.


There was no need for a large supermarket on the Peninsula, although a couple thought one on the outskirts of Torpoint (in the Trevol area) would be acceptable.

There is clearly considerable support for re-opening the St John Inn, which has been closed for two years. The current owner was interested in developing one or two dwellings at the back of the car park, as planning provision for this may enable him to sell the business. This received mixed reaction from village residents.

Derek Richards
27th January 2014

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