The Peninsula Trust Public Consultation Events

Further consultation – October 2014

QuestionmarkDuring October 2014, The Peninsula Trust was asked to carry out further Neighbourhood Plan Consultation work on behalf of the Rame Neighbourhood Plan Cluster Group (the five parish councils working together to produce the Rame Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan).

The objective was to consult residents on specific issues and concepts for the Plan, to gauge the level of support and assess whether the Emerging Policy Themes have widespread support.

The following public consultation events took place:

  • October 13th       2.30pm, Kingsand Community Hall
  • October 15th       2.30pm Freathy Village Hall
  • October 15th       7.00pm Freathy Village Hall
  • October 16th       2.30pm Wilcove Village Hall
  • October 16th       7.30pm Wilcove Village Hall
  • October 20th       7.00pm Crafthole Memorial Hall
  • October 23rd       2.30pm St John Village Hall
  • October 23rd       7.00pm St John Village Hall
  • October 27th       2.30pm Antony Village Hall
  • October 27th       7.00pm Antony Village Hall
  • October 28th       2.30pm No 3 West Street, Millbrook
  • October 28th       7.00pm No 3 West Street, Millbrook
  • October 29th       2.30pm Crafthole Memorial Hall
  • October 30th       2.00pm Kingsand Community Hall

The full report and the results


Comments received from questionnaires





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