Antony Parish

Antony is situated 3 miles west of  Torpoint and 6 miles south-west  of
St. Germans.



The village boundaries are located at  Wilcove (below) in the south as far
as the stream in the Sunwell Valley in the north.




Wilcove_Play_AreaAntony_village_play_areaWilcove & Antony play areas

Its western boundary is Wacker (below) and  its eastern boundary St. John. Wacker_Quay_2Wacker_quay

Maryfield_ChurchThe imposing Antony House lies nearby. The very picturesque house and gardens are now in the stewardship of the National Trust.

Antony House

The strategic location of Antony makes it an important location for the armed forces.

Antony passage

The forts at Scrasdon and Tregantle are still in use today

Scrasdon Fort
Tregantle Fort



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