Millbrook Consultation: Landowners and Local Businesses

This event was held on Saturday  27th October 2012 in Millbrook Village Hall

Millbrook Parish Council sent over 60 personal invitations to
local businesses and landowners, inviting them to come along and express their views on Neighbourhood Planning.

Attendees were asked to sign-in



Kay Blake, C J & R J Matthews , Antony West, John West, Peter West
Rame Conservation Trust (Registered Charity) Andrew Honey, Colin Bull, Pete Dunstone

Local businesses and tradesmen

Pete Belton – East of Eden Plants, Colin Bull – A38 Flyer, Bob Woffenden – Architect

Local shops and eating establishments

Meg Edgcumbe & Richard Stanley – Manor Lodge B & B  and The Mark of Friendship Public House,
Jo Widdicombe – Widdicombe Fare / Honeyroom tea rooms.

Millbrook Business Park & Gallows Park

Dave Clarke – SSG Rural Gas
Fiona McBain – South West Shop Fittings

Information was handed-out

Information handed-out to attendees included:

  • Cornwall Council Summary
  • Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012
  • Neighbourhood Development Plan
  • Cornwall Council Localism
  • Neighbourhood planning process August 2012

Questions were raised

Questions relating to housing, traffic and transport, green spaces, the environment and energy were raised.


Feedback and suggestions included:

  • Pete’s Garage should be developed into affordable flats
  • 2 Bedroom housing with small business units underneath
  • One or two bedroom housing with local businesses
  • A community land trust managed small development.
  • Live / work accommodation


Traffic and Transport

Feedback and suggestions included:


  • Create two large passing spaces above and below the converted barn at the top of Hounster Hill
  • Mini roundabout by Burial Ground towards main road to Cawsand
  • Better access to Millbrook Village
  • No more houses until road improved
  • Problem with transport through the village
  • Parking by the Tanyard
  • Send trucks and large vehicles around the cliffs (until the road is sorted)
  • Road between Gallows Park and Millbrook Village improved (nothing has been done since 1970’s)
  • Road from DS Smith to Radford through Village or a one way system implemented

Green spaces and our environment

Those attending were asked; “Is there anything you would like to see in terms of community greenspace infrasture e.g. allotments, open greenspace, cycle trails, community garden etc.?”



Business and the local economy

Attendees were asked; “What type of business activities would you support?'”

Here are the results:

  • Tourism √√√√√
  • Retail √√√√√√
  • Small scale industrial √√√√√
  • Workshops √√√√√ √
  • Home working √√√√√√

Other suggestions:

  • Media creative √√√
  • Heritage, Conservation
  • Woodland management

Areas for business development

Attendees were asked to indicate areas that that, in their opinion, would be suitable for business development (taking into account infrastructure, land type, current use of adjoining area etc).

Feedback and suggestions included:

  • Petes Garage – community businesses, small scale units
  • Maker Heights – Live / work units
  • Redoute Five – Visitor attraction


When asked what scale of housing development they felt would be most appropriate, responses were:

  • One or two dwelling in defined locations √√√
  • Small groups of houses i.e. Less than 10 √√
  • Housing developments of between 11 and 30 √
  • Housing developmentof between 31 and 60 houses – No ticks
  • A mixture √√√

Other suggestions:

  • Community land trust managed small development
  • Live / work accommodation


Attendees were asked if they were ‘in principle’ in favour of:

  • Wind power √√√√√
  • Solar power √√√
  • Ground source heat pump √√√√√
  • Biomass √√√
  • Other – tide energy √√√√√

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