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The Rame Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan’s main email address is:

Below is a list of the Parish Councillors in the Rame Cluster Group – the group which is working to produce the Neighbourhood Plan for the Rame Peninsula.

Councillors can all be contacted via the email address above.

Antony Parish Council:
Allen, Caroline
 – Clerk
Carter, Bob – Chair
Shepherd, Gary

Maker with Rame Parish Council
Visick, Sandy – Clerk
Huke, Alex
Mutch, David

Millbrook Parish Council
Woodley, Richard – Clerk
Heald, Karenza – Assistant Clerk
Hall, Alison
Lewis, Sharon – Vice Chair
McBain, Fiona

Sheviock Parish Council
Coles, Linda – Clerk 
Kennedy, Chris Chair
Medway, Steve Vice Chair

St John Parish Council
Cook, Carole – Clerk
Hoskin, Roy –  Chair
Richards, Derek
Waldock, Ray


Transport Group:

Carter, Bob

Maker with Rame:
Mutch, David

Lewis, Sharon


Kennedy, Chris

St John:
Richards, Derek

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Its all very well having ” Public consultations ” , but surely you need to inform and involve everyone in the community?
    The first we heard of all this was through ” The Advertiser ” , we have had nothing whatsoever through our letterbox , no one knocking on our door ?
    Maybe we were just one of many in the ” Postman failed to deliver ” category ?
    Its not surprising there,s only been an average 15 % response rate ?
    Call me cynical , but all the decisions seem to be made by the “select few in the know and for their own benefit ” as usual .
    It does not represent the wishes of the general public, to whom this document is supposed to represent , in anyway whatsoever.


    1. Dear Bob
      Thank you for your posting.
      I am extremely disappointed to hear that you haven’t seen any advertising, notices or publications regarding the Neighbourhood Development Planning. The dedicated skilled volunteers and Parish councillors have put in many hours pulling together the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan. For the last two years I have been in position of Clerk for Maker with Rame Parish Council and been involved in advertising and promoting the Neighbourhood planning events. The NDP updates have been included eleven times in the local courier throughout the last two years, a regular item on the Parish Council agenda discussing the latest updates monthly, also all events have been on the Parish Council’s notice boards. The following public meeting were organised and over 200 people attended.
      Public meeting 27th January 2013.
      Public consultation event 8th February in the Community hall.
      Public consultation in Millbrook Scout Hall on 25th January 2014
      Public consultation at the Mount Edgcumbe Smugglers Market on 25th May 2014.
      Leaflets were also produced by Point Europa and Peninsula Trust in June 2014 and distributed in and around the Peninsula. Also an event held in Millbrook football club to promote the NDP to young people in the Peninsula.
      The NDP still has to conform with a wide range of central government legislation and regulation and it will only be adopted depending on the outcome of a referendum in 2016. The policies put forward try to help balance the desire to protect and conserve the Rame Peninsula whilst also facilitating appropriate development. I have no doubt that you would appreciate this is a process that requires a fair bit of compromise and balancing between different perspectives and objectives.
      You can also visit the Website and Facebook page
      If you would like further information or would like to discuss any issues please contact Cllr Alex Huke 01752 822753.
      Sandy Visick
      Parish Clerk


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