Rame Conservation Trust (Maker Heights)

Potential development ideas put forward by Rame Conservation Trust

The Trustees of Rame Conservation Trust supplied the Rame Cluster Group Steering Committee with questions on potential development ideas and opportunities.

Yes = Generally in favour with the point of principle
No answer = No response on questionnaire
Uncertain = Unknown or uncertain as to response
Comments on potential locations for development or other issues, ideas and concerns- Exact quotes transcribed from questionnaires. Slash ‘/’ denotes different persons comment. Not everyone commented on every question.

The development of a creative industry hub for S.E. Cornwall, including studios for arts, music & craft workshops?

Creative Hub

Comments received;
These already exist? / what about Gallows park?  /
All these things would enhance the local area / Maker has great potential but run-downness is not attractive / need to retain peacefullness of local area and manage wider impact / use existing buildings / very welcome / this would be very beneficial to the local community / Maker camp barely covers its running costs – development will be extremely costly – do what we can but don’t be too ambitious – some rebuild might be worthwhile if more cost effective.

The conservation and sympathetic use of historic buildings and monuments?

Conservation of historic monuments

Comments received;
Need to ‘sympathetic use’ in character with the building / these building should be preserved and this would help.


The conservation of open spaces for public enjoyment?

Conservation of open spaces

Comments received;
Management of trees and woods entering Cremyll near Empacombe – needs thinning.



The development of an Education Hub for S.E. Cornwall embracing natural sciences, architecture, the arts and apprenticeships in arts and crafts?

Educational hub

Comments received;
But not just arts and crafts / Excellent idea.



Provision of affordable housing for local people, sympathetic to the environment administered by a Community Land Trust? 

Provison for local needs housing

Comments received;
This should have priority / provided access can cope / for local people only / affordable housing would be welcomed / good idea – need for an aging population / of paramount importance to any development / local needs only / extremely important – otherwise the whole area will be holiday homes only.

The development of a small enclave of work / live units sympathetic to the environment for the use of local small businesses and administered by a Community Land Trust?

Live work units

Comments received;
This should be a priority / set up a peer to peer/credit union system for local people to invest in and provide funds for individual and businesses and community projects / Millbrook football club? / if units are lived in by locals etc / local needs only