Freathy Consultation 2012

Neighbourhood Development Plan – Headline Results of Survey

These results apply to Freathy responses only.

Traffic through St John

  • 78% considered traffic will increase and 70% believed this would be a significant problem for the village.
  • 63% thought that the current speed bumps etc. were not effective enough and that additional measures would be required.
  • Chicanes and of course alternative routes were heavily favoured.
  • 83% thought there was a traffic problem along Military Road  and 89% favoured parking restrictions on Military Road.


  • 48% said that they used buses and 47% said that the service was adequate.

Article 4

  • Very evenly split over whether the letting restrictions should be altered, 27% yes, 30% don’t know and 36% no.
  • Large majority 62% wanted the Article 4 planning restrictions simplified, with 37% don’t know and 0% no.

Toilets in Whitsands

  • Large majority 71% would like to see some public toilets in Whitsand Bay, 29% did not.


  • 87% were not interested in an allotment.


  • 85% used local footpaths and there were many requests for better signage and improved maintenance of surfaces, gates etc.

Renewable Energy

  • 74% were in favour of RE and 47% were against a Wind Farm in the Parish, with 31% in favour and 22% don’t know.
  • Also 52% think that wind turbines would spoil the Rame Peninsula.
  • 62% support other forms of RE including Wave/Tidal/Energy from Waste and Offshore Wind.


  • 64% wanted improved public transport but 59% were against further housing, industry or tourism development.


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